Rolando Angulo Gálvez

"The Role of the Photographer Who Creates"

Rolando Angulo Gálvez holds a bachelor's degree in graphic design from the University of Monterrey (UDEM). He earned a master's degree in branding from ELISAVA and, most recently, in photography and design from SHIFTA by ELISAVA Design School in Barcelona, Spain.

His professional background as a graphic designer spans working in private design and branding firms and other collaborations like being part of the creative team of the fashion brand Martin Lamothe in Madrid FW 2007. His work, both as a photographer and brand builder of national and foreign brands, has been recognized in different exhibitions and publications such as HOW, A Design and Award Competition, and Architectural Digest, to name a few. He is a full-time professor in the Graphic Design Department at the University of Monterrey, teaching design strategies, digital photography, and serves as an advisor for Final Evaluation Projects. Since 2007, he has directed his own design and art photography studio.

His work as a photographer has been exhibited in exhibitions like F.A.M.A in 2018; and his projects "Strange Beauties Series 01" and "Lonely" were displayed in the Benito Greene Public Art this year. His most recent work, "Behind My Screen," remotely documents everything that happens within a physical space during this period of confinement caused by the global pandemic of COVID-19.