Adriana Cuellar


Adriana Cuellar and Marcel Sanchez are co-founders of CRO studio, a collaborative research and architecture firm established at the border region of Tijuana / San Diego. With a strong social impact agenda, CRO studio has been engaged with community projects reconfiguring urban dynamics, involved from social housing prototypes and community centers to religious institutional projects and private developments on both sides of the border. Their work seeks to orchestrate civic engagements that question environmental values while exploring material aesthetics, programmatic inventions, and spatial appropriations that re-imagine the everyday challenges of urban life.

CRO studio have received numerous distinguished awards, including the 60TH Annual Progressive Architecture Design Award, XXII CEMEX Awards, the IX BIAU Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism in Rosario Argentina, in recognition of their built work Modulo Prep / Casa de las Ideas. They have been honored in Arquine’s “Best of XXI Century, Vol. 5 2011-12 and Vol.6 2013-14”, and selected for the publication and exhibition “From the Territory to the Inhabitant” for their design of new housing prototypes for INFONAVIT.