Ksenia Pozdnyakova

Ksenia Pozdnyakova graduated from The Schtieglitz Academy (Saint Petersburg State Academy of Applied Arts), where she majored in the History of Arts (1996). In 2000 she was among the group of specialists who initiated the design education to the curriculum of Saint Petersburg State University, and as a result, the new Faculty of Arts was founded by the University. As Head of Design Department, she is also in charge of the CUMULUS program at the University. In recent years, she has lectured on the theoretical aspects of the project activities in Graphic Design, and has done interdisciplinary research in the field of Graphic Design, Fine Arts, and Applied Arts. She is the author of the number of relevant articles concerning the history of Russian Decorative and Applied Arts in the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. Ksenia Pozdnyakova has been elected the Associate Member of The Academy of Art Restoration and Cultural Heritage of Russia, and she is an Honorary Member of Beijing Decorative and Applied Arts Association. Ksenia's watercolor works have been exhibited in the Czech Republic and The People's Republic of China.