Designers as Architects Debate is "F*cking Opposite" of Open-Minded Creativity Says Wanders

  • 2015-12-29
  • Dezeen

Marcel Wanders has dismissed the ongoing debate about whether non-architects should design buildings as "an endless conversation about nothing".

Wanders, who is the latest designer to work on a building project with plans for a prefabricated house, told Dezeen that the argument is a waste of time.

Getting caught up in the labels of architect and designer prevents creative people from "enjoying someone else's different opinion and trying to study and learn from it", he said.

His glass-walled prefab house was launched as part of Filipino developer Robert Antonio's Revolution Precrafted project at the 2015 Design Miamifair earlier this month. But Wanders refused to describe the design as "architecture".

"I don't want to go there because it's going to be an endless conversation about nothing," said Wanders, who spoke to Dezeen in Miami.