Twelfth International Conference on Design Principles & Practices

  • 5–7 March 2018
  • Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, Barcelona, Spain

Conference Themes and Special Focus

The Twelfth International Conference on Design Principles & Practices features research addressing the following annual themes.

  • Theme 1: Design Education
  • Theme 2: Design in Society
  • Theme 3: Designed Objects
  • Theme 4: Visual Design
  • Theme 5: Design Management and Professional Practice
  • Theme 6: Architectonic, Spatial, and Environmental Design

Conference Co-Chairs

Loredana Di Lucchio

Loredana Di Lucchio

Architect, PhD, Researcher Professor
Sapienza University of Rome

Loredana Di Lucchio, PhD in Design, is Researcher Professor at Sapienza University of Rome. Her research and teaching activities are focused on the relationship between production, communication, and consumption in order to investigate and define the strategic role of Design as a driver for consumption aware behaviors. She is a speaker for international conferences, coordinator of several Italian Research Boards, and essayist for theoretical and design reviews including a member of the editorial board of the magazine ‘DIID – Disegno Industriale Industrial Design’ and of the web-magazine of Italian Design Research Network ‘SDI Review’. She has organized many seminars, workshops, and exhibitions about the relationship between Design and Brand with a particular attention at the semantic, productive, and social implications. At the same time, she has opened a personal focus on Asian Design, considered as emblematic expression of the contemporary culture.

Lorenzo Imbesi

Lorenzo Imbesi

Architect, PhD, Professor
Sapienza University of Rome

Professor of Industrial Design at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, Lorenzo Imbesi was previously Associate Professor and head of the Master of Design MDes at Carleton University in Canada up until 2013. Prof. Imbesi is also an Architect, PhD in Design, ICCS fellow – Canada Government, and a member of the Research Board of Italian and European researches. He is a keynote speaker and coordinator for international conferences and a curator of design exhibitions and events. Additionally, he is a critic and essayist for many reviews, Co-Director of the magazine “DIID – Disegno Industriale,” and currently, he is Director of ‘FIELDS. An Interdisciplinary Design Journal’ (Carleton University, Ottawa) as well as a member of the editorial board of “The Design Journal” (Bloomsbury Publishing, London).

Arianna Mazzeo

Arianna Mazzeo

Coordinator, Desis Lab Elisava, PhD, Professor, Design for Social Innovation
Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Arianna Mazzeo holds a Phd in Design and Ethnography. She is Design for Social Innovation Professor and Desis Lab Elisava Coordinator. Involved in European Innovation Projects since 2000, she coordinates under the frame of the Open Design Program, the first European Open Design School based on the open culture values, collaboration and co-design with community, new emerging business models for open innovation research in design education. She is responsible for the research group Cambio / Changes, The People Agency helping professionals, private and public institutions, cultural and creative hubs, administrations, foundations, associations and creative industries informal groups to innovate through design, to make tools and strategy for a real impact. She has worked in Cameroon, Mexico, Turkey, Armenia, South Africa for social innovation programs within the local community, in order to re-design and re-think education through new open educational resources (OER) and new spaces outside the classroom, the city and the town as the open source lab.

Host Institution & Conference Partner

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